House of Music


House of Music was founded in 1996 by Impact Composer Hanne Deneire 
and aims to foster community growth and enjoyment through music.

We engage in musical activities locally and internationally, whether on-site or at your home, 
operating from our headquarters in Antwerp.

With our method and vision, we share a powerful source of artistic beauty for life, 
reaching children from birth, professional musicians, and individuals with dementia alike.

Composer Hanne Deneire began this creative journey at the age of sixteen. From 1999 onwards, she further developed this method at the Center for Giftedness Research at the University of Antwerp with Tessa Kieboom (now Exentra).

This uniquely creative work has since been awarded the "Culture Binds Youth" prize from the King Baudouin Foundation, the BNP Paribas Award, and the Music Initiation home program Children are Composers was selected for The Birdhouse.

Our Music&Dementia story has also been recognized on the other side of the world, with "The Voice of Our Memory," written by our founder Hanne Deneire, receiving the Damiaan Award in 2015.

Inspiring STARTERS PACKS to embark on a musical adventure at home!

For Children

For Adults-caregivers

Creative music programme 
for hours of music joy!



Active music initiation fro hours of creative fun! 



A platform for those who wish to harness the power of music in working with people with dementia.


A training to actively engage in composition and creation using a multi sensory approach!



Our Ambassadors

House of Music trains professional musicians who implement our vision and method at their location. These are our ambassadors for this school year who are doing exceptionally well in music education!

Amy Ericx 
De Vuurvogel Herselt

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