PreSchool Music
Children 3-5 years old
We grow children through music!
What will we do?
During the MONTHLY sessions of PreSchool Music, 
young children (with or without parents) discover the basics of music 
through our playful Children are Composers method. 

Every session, we see a new musical instrument and learn the musical notes, 
rhythm, harmony and train their ears through their own compositions. 

When the children want to start with individual music sessions, 
they can pick their favorite instrument with which they want to continue making music. 

Toddlers are divided in groups based on their age. 

Children °2016 + use our Children are Composers Music Book. 
In this way, parents can easily follow along at home when their children complete extra musical missions. 
What is the result for your child?
In a playful way, the children will: 
 Know all the music notes
 Know the basics of rhythm and harmony
 Have discovered a lot of different instruments
 Have tried out some not so common instruments
 Can read, write, sing and compose their own songs
 Can improvise on what they think and feel
We have different groups

Stars ⭐️ °2017
Clouds ☁️ °2016
 Knights ⚔️ °2015
We advice you to do also our online music programme at home.
Since you will follow a monthly class, we advice to do also our online music programme besides the live classes. This way the children keep being active with the musical material, the games, the songs and the ear-training.

Every episode, the children discover a new instrument. 
Your child will keep on learning the magic of music in a creative and playful way. 

* +650 minutes full of musical ACTION and INSPIRATION
* After every episode your child will be challenged with musical MISSIONS
* PERSONAL ACCOUNT and answers on the musical DEVELOPMENT of your child
* COMMUNITY of parents to share the musical child development

* In the programme are also EXTRA'S included as:
musical instruments to draw
special music paper for young kids to print out
little musical games to do everywhere songs to sing in the car
links to interesting webpages for kids

Choose a location & age group:
Pooja Sejpal Jhaveri
Mother of 2 kids
House of music or should I say house of love n warmth for children. This will be our third year n believe me could not ask for a better place for music 
(my daughters favourite extra curricular activity.)

The warmth n the motivation of the place always strives our kids to give their best. The entire team hats off to all of u. 

My daughter has not only learned music but loved music n 
developed as more loving n confident individual I wish n 
hope they keep on spreading music to the whole world.
Who developed Children are Composers ToddlerMusic?
Hanne Deneire started the creation of her method when she was only 16 years old. At the age of 19, she got the chance to develop het educative method even further with gifted children at the University of Antwerp. For this, she received a prize from the King Boudewijn Foundation.  

In 2018, she started as a guest professor at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp, where she was closely involved in a study of Music & Babies. With her 3rd year Master students, she visited nurseries and analyzed which sounds are appealing for babies and how they react to rhythmic patterns, musical instruments and the voice.

Hanne also composed the musical performance “Nest” for Theatre de Spiegel. As a pre-study, she played music at all possible places for children from 0 to 3 years old. Up until now, this performance has already traveled the entire world and has been played over 500 times.
Our Mission is to have 1.000.000 children discovering the magic of music all over the world.
Our method Children are Composers introduces children from birth in a playful and creative way in the world of music. Enjoy the musical discoveries and let the creativity flow! 
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